PhD Projects

Our students are studying diverse areas of mechanistic biology in the BBSRC strategic priority areas of agriculture and food security, world-class underpinning biology and industrial biotechnology and bioenergy.  Find out more about their individual projects here:

NameProject title
Emma Campbell

Protein Engineering of Synthetic Enzyme Switches for the Next Generation of Infectious-Disease and Toxin Diagnostics (i-CASE)
Emily Bushby

Gestational and early-life dietary impacts on performance, welfare and gut-health in pigs
Gregory Billenness

Understanding Signalling Cascades using Affimer reagents (NPIF)
James Webster

Biological systems approach to de novo design (NPIF)
Hannah Spencer

Characterization of cell lines with engineered Golgi organization (NPIF)
Sarah Lock

Hydrolase discovery in the extremophile Galdieria (NPIF)
Danielle Lambert

Investigating the mechanisms of non-classical gastrin signalling in tumour development (NPIF)
Ryan Hubball

Designing a chemical 'toolbox' for the efficient inhibition of metalloenzymes (NPIF)
Dorothy HawkinsDorothy Hawkins

Structural characterisation of a bacteriophage DNA packaging motor using Cryo-Electron Microscopy (NPIF)
Claire Brown

Influence of microbial community on nitrogen use efficiency in agriculture (NPIF)