PhD Projects

Our students are studying in diverse areas of mechanistic biology in the BBSRC strategic priority areas of agriculture and food security, world-class underpinning biology and industrial biotechnology and bioenergy.  Find out more about their individual projects here:

NameProject title
John Armstrong

Borrowing building blocks from bacteria and eukaryotes: a three-component DNA segregation machinery in archaea
Rachael Cooper

How do repetitive bacterial surface proteins avoid inter-domain aggregation?
Rhianna Rowland

Imaging agents for genetic disease: structural, chemical and cellular dissection
Sarah Tindall

Bacterial modification of carbohydrates; structural and functional analysis of a key virulence strategy
Sarah Thorne

Improved wheat yield with silicon
Kirstin Spence

Investigating the molecular machinery that controls autophagy during Leishmania spp. Differentiation
Edward Nay

Regulation of gene expression in Leishmania parasites: structure, function and post-transcriptional modification of RNA binding proteins
Jessica Dobson

Mechanisms of palladium uptake and nanoparticle formation by plants
Grace Dobbs

Role of CIZ1 in X chromosome inactivation
Grace Cowen

Role of DNA methylation in brain function