PhD Projects: 2014

NameProject title
Peter Fisher
Predicting glycan alterations in mammalian cells
Matthew Dooley
Improving methods for the detection and monitoring of beetle pests through a deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying beetle odour perception.
Lia De Faveri
Synthetic approaches to developing reagents for rapid, in-field detection of cereal rusts
Emma Wroblewski
Defining a novel assembly pathway in ssRNA viruses.    
Brendan Rogers
The Structural Biology of the Z-disc in health and disease
Grace Roberts
Investigating the role of the nsP3 macro domain in Chikungunya virus replication
Alistair Plant
Co-Repression and the Evolution of Novel Plant Structures
Ryan Kaye
The Mechanisms of Gravity-Dependent Non-Vertical Growth in Higher Plants
Peter Harrison
Investigating the developmental genetic mechanisms that control segment formation during animal development and their potentially ancient evolutionary origins
Alexander Coleman
Virus remodelling of the nuclear pore complex : a novel antiviral target