PhD Projects: 2014

NameProject title
Peter Fisher
Predicting glycan alterations in mammalian cells
Matthew Dooley
Improving methods for the detection and monitoring of beetle pests through a deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying beetle odour perception.
Lia De Faveri
Synthetic approaches to developing reagents for rapid, in-field detection of cereal rusts
Emma Wroblewski
Defining a novel assembly pathway in ssRNA viruses.    
Brendan Rogers
The Structural Biology of the Z-disc in health and disease
Grace Roberts
Investigating the role of the nsP3 macro domain in Chikungunya virus replication
Alistair Plant
Co-Repression and the Evolution of Novel Plant Structures
Ryan Kaye
The Mechanisms of Gravity-Dependent Non-Vertical Growth in Higher Plants
Alexander Coleman
Virus remodelling of the nuclear pore complex : a novel antiviral target
Lucy Barber
New approaches to combatting amyloid disease from mechanistic insights