Career destinations

Our students go on to thrive in a range of careers in industry, academia, and non-research sectors, both in the UK and overseas.

Careers destinations of for past PhD students in DTP1 and DTP2. This cohort of students was impacted by COVID and a number have agreed extensions, amounting to the small percentage whose PhDs are still on-going.

Considering those students who undertook their PhDs as part of DTP2, 77% have remained in research or other careers where their science training is directly relevant (35% academic in UK, 4% overseas; 17% industry research and 21% directly science-related); 2% have clinical careers and 9% have careers which use their scientific transferrable skills (Other).

If you wish to read about some of these roles in more detail, take a look at our careers spotlights for careers in science and careers outside of science.