Eve Anderson

Cell engineering and analytical strategies for control of recombinant biopharmaceutical aggregate levels in cell culture media

About me

I obtained an MEng in Molecular Bioengineering from Imperial College London in 2022. Throughout my degree, I was able to experience a wide variety of research. During my degree, I also spent time working in a wide variety of laboratories where I gained a wide range of skills including cell culture and synthetic biology; the manufacture of tools for medical diagnosis, and the design of an analytical platform. I am now working on a new project which not only addresses an important pharmaceutical problem, but allows me to work in a field with direct industrial applications. 


My project

Current biopharmaceutical production through mammalian cells can lead to the formation of aggregates. The design of a novel biopharmaceutical has also led to the production of a greater proportion of aggregates within the final product titre. An increase in the amount of aggregated product not only leads to a reduced effective product titre, but also an increase in possible immunogenic effects without essential aggregate removal. Current studies indicate an impaired metabolism and increased oxidative species concentration within the host cell may lead to an increased level of aggregation. My project aims to decrease aggregation through cellular engineering strategies with the aim of increasing host cell lines resistance to oxidative stress. Additionally, I will aim to develop analytical techniques which will allow for intercellular tracking of the process of biopharmaceutical production and aggregation.