PhD Projects

Our students are studying in diverse areas of mechanistic biology in the BBSRC strategic priority areas of agriculture and food security, world-class underpinning biology and industrial biotechnology and bioenergy.  Find out more about their individual projects here:

NameProject title
Jake Colder

Nanoscale mapping of the bacterial surface
Ana Jones

Ahead of the curve: imaging and computational analysis of shape and form in the developing zebrafish ear
Amy Tooke

Seeing is believing, observing bacterial biofilm formation in vivo
Emily Guest

Linking metabolomics and metagenomics to resolve plant-microbial interactions involved in soil aggregation
Amber Shun-Shion

Elucidating the role of STX19 in tissue morphogenesis using advanced bioimaging
Ben Stevenson

The Dystroglycan LINC
Ash Griffin

Application of high-resolution phosphoproteomics to reveal novel metabolic control mechanisms in Campylobacter jejuni
Stella Christou

Elucidating the role of Endocytosis in Candida survival and proliferation in host cells
Ben Scales

Neural bases of honeybee visual information processing and locomotion control
Daniel Green

Neural circuit mechanisms of adaptation or sensitisation to neonicotinoid insecticides