PIPS Funding

What is the PIPS allowance and what can it be spent on?

You will still be paid your stipend (salary) whilst on PIPS.

In addition, a PIPS allowance is available to reimburse you for reasonable travel and/or accommodation costs – up to a maximum of £2050 – to give you flexibility in choosing your PIPS.  It can be used only for travel and accommodation.  It cannot be used for other items, such as, work clothing or equipment you need to purchase for your placement.  If you are likely to incur any of these other costs, it is worth asking your PIPS host if they are willing to cover the costs, make a contribution or perhaps purchase the items on your behalf.

How to claim PIPS expenses


It is vital that you keep all receipts and other evidence of expenditure for accommodation and travel whilst you are on your PIPS.  Expenditure cannot be reimbursed without sufficient evidence.  Evidence for accommodation will include things like a formal rental agreement with your landlord and receipts for payment, either monthly or in one lump sum.  Evidence for travel includes things such as confirmation of payment of train fares and copies of tickets or car mileage and petrol receipts.  An additional piece of evidence useful for all types of expenditure is a scan of your bank statement – make sure you only show us the items we need to see and that you cover up any information that is not relevant to your PIPS claim.

If you are undertaking your PIPS abroad, you will need to convert your expenses payments into pound sterling (£/GBP).  In this case, you need to provide evidence of the exchange rate at the time of the financial transaction.  This evidence could be, for example, a screenshot of a currency converter website, including the date.

Claim forms 

Collect a claim form from your Finance Office or PIPS Contact.  Complete the form and submit it to your Finance Officer or PIPS Contact , together with your receipts and other evidence.  The exact process may vary depending on your University.  If in doubt, check with your PIPS Contact.

If you are happy to pay all your expenses then claim them back at the end of your 3-month placement, you can complete a claim form when you get back.  

If it helps your cash-flow, you can submit your claims monthly during your PIPS.  In this case, ensure you collect 3 claim forms before you go on your PIPS, particularly if you will be living away from your normal university base.  Complete a claim form at the end of each month and post it back to your PIPS Contact, or Finance Officer as relevant, together with your receipts and other evidence of expenditure for that month.  

Please ensure you claim your PIPS expenses back as soon as possible, either monthly or after 3 months maximum.  Universities have financial regulations that mean expenses must be processed within certain time frames.  It is therefore your responsibility to submit your claims in a timely manner.  

For any other queries about claiming PIPS expenses, get in touch with your PIPS Contact. 

What if my PIPS allowance is not enough? 

We anticipate that the cost of the majority of PIPS placements will be covered within the £2050 standard PIPS allowance.  This is a generous allowance and is usually more than enough to cover travel and accommodation costs incurred whilst on PIPS.  

In exceptional circumstances only, requests for PIPS Additional Funding can be made, up to a maximum of £1,500 (over and above the standard £2050 allowance).  However, please note that PIPS additional funding is available only in exceptional circumstances.  It cannot be relied on as an automatic top-up.  

The DTP does not have a dedicated pot of money for PIPS Additional Funding Requests.  The only reason we can offer additional funding in rare cases is that other students do not use all of their PIPS allowance.  

Additional funding needs to be assessed in advance i.e. before committing to the placement.  Applications need to be received in advance for consideration at the DTP Management Board meetings.  See the timescales in the ‘How to Apply’ section below.

Please note: There is no guarantee that PIPS additional funding requests will be approved.

PIPS abroad

Whilst we wish to support student ambition and exploration of the full range of PIPS opportunities, we need to be clear that PIPS Additional Funding Requests are not automatically available for the purpose of funding placements abroad.  If you are planning to undertake your PIPS abroad, our expectation is that you will achieve this within the standard PIPS allowance of £2,050.  If you do apply for additional funding for a placement abroad, this will only be considered if you can demonstrate without doubt that you could not gain a similar type of experience in the UK (which would be covered by your standard PIPS allowance).

How to apply for PIPS Additional Funding

If you do decide to apply for additional funds, your request will need to be supported by your supervisor and will need to demonstrate a clear business case, including accurate costings.  Please note that no request for PIPS additional funding is guaranteed to be successful.  

Your application is more likely to be successful if funds are also being contributed from elsewhere.  

You must demonstrate that you have explored all other potential additional sources of funding e.g. Your supervisor may be able to help you secure additional funding from your research institution or other grant funding.  Your host organisation may be willing to contribute to your additional expenses or may be able to provide a benefit in kind, for example, company accommodation at no charge.  A contribution from your own personal funds, where possible, will also demonstrate your commitment to the placement.  

An application form is available from the DTP Co-ordinator, Catherine Liddle, email: c.m.liddle@leeds.ac.uk 

Please ensure that you work out your likely PIPS travel and accommodation costs as accurately as possible and that you reflect these costs on the application form.  Application forms that are not correctly filled in will be sent back for re-submission, which will delay the process and might mean that deadlines are missed.  

PIPS Additional Funding Request Forms must be submitted in advance for consideration at a DTP Management Board meeting.  These are held in March, June, September and December each year.

Please note:

  • Applications that miss the deadline for one Management Board meeting will be put forward for consideration at the next meeting, so long as there will be at least 3 months before your planned PIPS start date.
  • If an application is submitted with less than 3 months’ notice, it will not be considered.
  • You are advised to submit any request for PIPS Additional Funding as far in advance as possible e.g. you can submit it 6 months in advance.  The deadlines below are the latest dates that applications should be received.

The annual deadlines for submission are as follows:


for PIPS Additional Funding Requests to be received by DTP Co-ordinator

For consideration at DTP Management Board meeting held in…

For PIPS starting in…

1st March

March June, July or August


(or later)

1st June


September, October or November

(or later)

1st September


December, January or February

(or later)

1st December December

March, April or May

(or later)