PhD Projects: 2014

NameProject title
Joseph Ward
Understanding foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) replication
Samuel Bunce
Developing Diazirines as Probes for Monitoring Dynamic Molecular Recognition Processes
Simon Fairbanks
Structural studies on luminescent probes for quadruplex DNA
Elanor Harrison
Studying the roles of epigenetics in therapeutic protein production
Nicholas Barber
Multigene engineering of secretion by mammalian cell factories
Rachel Denley-Bowers
The economics of stomatal distribution
Jessica Dunn
The Effect of Manipulating Wheat Stomatal Development
Mathew Parker
Deciphering microRNA networks using Next Generation Sequencing
Jordan Talbot
A novel role for a specific chemokine in CNS function and disease
Ben Aden Phillips
Investigating the mechanical regulation of autophagy