Sense About Science – varying deadlines

Sense About Science are currently advertising for internship vacancies and now have a new dedicated webpage for internships on their website.

Sense About Science offer rewarding internship opportunities for PhD students to gain experience of working in a busy campaigning charity across science communications, policy and public engagement. They typically offer three-month placements in their London office and only consider short-term internship applications as part of a funded scheme, such as the PIPS professional internship scheme for PhD students.  


Background on Sense about Science

Sense about Science is an independent campaigning charity that champions the public interest in sound science and ensures evidence is recognised in public life and policymaking. We equip people to ask the right questions, we equip researchers to answer them in human, and we work with both to advocate better standards of evidence in public life. We advocate openness and honesty about research findings, and strive to open up socially or scientifically difficult issues where evidence is neglected, conflicting or misunderstood.

We don’t advocate for understanding and loving science, or for the funding of science. Instead, we work with decision-makers, community groups and world-leading researchers to equip the public, policymakers and journalists with good questions to ask and insights into evidence, particularly on difficult issues, where our intervention can really make a difference to the way that a topic is discussed in society.

Essential skills

  • Ability to identify and use initiative to solve problems
  • Ability to organise and prioritise work
  • A flair for clear, engaging writing
  • Friendly manner
  • Candidates should be familiar with and share the Sense about Science ethos regarding the public interest in sound science and evidence

How to apply

If you are interested in applying you can reach the team on

And check out the internships webpage