PhD Projects: 2014

NameProject title
Thomas Wilkinson
Plant-mediated interactions between above and below ground symbiotic microbes: implications for food security 
Michael King
Investigating the role of Capicua in mediating FGF transcriptional regulation in pluripotent stem cells
Rachael Evans
Evolving microbial communities for biofuel production
Samuel Dawes
NMR screening of small molecule inhibitors targeting endonuclease activity of an ER stress sensor Ire1
Laura West
Structure-function studies of N1-Src kinase in axon guidance
Cecilia Pennica
Probing the molecular interactions mediating the segregation of a multidrug resistance plasmid
Caitlin McQueen
Turning on genes to build muscle
Adam Hughes
Membrane Migration and Fission: Structure and Interaction of Proteins Mediating Phagocytosis during Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis
Daniel Yee
Understanding cell-type specific regulation of microRNA biogenesis
Banushan Balansethupathy
Evaluating the role of protein dynamics in double-stranded RNA recognition