2023 BBSRC Bursaries for Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre – Deadline 3rd May

Dates: 15th – 18th of May 2023
Location: School of Biosciences, the University of Birmingham

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There are a limited number of bursaries available for LC-MS Based Metabolomics and Metabolite Identification with the Q Exactive Plus and Orbitrap ID-X Tribrid. These bursaries cover the registration cost of BBSRC-funded researchers, making it completely free for them to attend. Further guidance, eligibility criteria, terms and conditions can be found on the application form below. Please apply promptly to avoid disappointment.

Apply online: Bursary Application Form

Deadline: Friday 3rd of March, 5pm GMT

If you have any questions or queries, please contact: bmtc@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Course Overview

This 4-day course introduces LC-MS based metabolomics and metabolite identification using both the Q-Exactive Plus (QE+) and Orbitrap ID-X Tribrid mass spectrometers, guiding delegates through experimental design, sample preparation, using the QE+ and ID-X, data processing, univariate and multivariate data analysis, and metabolite annotation/identification. It is an intensive course designed to provide foundational knowledge for delegates to develop further skills and undertake their own metabolomics experiments.

This course is led and delivered by five experts in the field of metabolomics and includes lectures, hands-on laboratory sessions, and computer workshops to provide a detailed overview of the metabolomics pipeline.

Topics Covered

·       Introduction to QE+ and the ID-X mass spectrometers and the metabolomic workflow

·       Experimental design and the importance of quality control (QC) samples

·       Sample preparation including extraction of polar metabolites and lipids from biofluids (urine and plasma) and tissue samples

·       Hands-on data acquisition for untargeted metabolomics and hybrid metabolomics, the latter combining targeted and untargeted measurements

·       Setting up the Vanquish UHPLC coupled to the QE+

·       Types of data which can be collected on the QE+ and the ID-X (m/z, retention time, MS/MS, MSn)

·       MS/MS and MSn experiments

·       Data processing workshop

·       Data analysis workshop (univariate and multivariate analysis)

·       Introduction to metabolite identification applying Data Dependant Analysis

·       Conversion of raw data to molecular formula and putative metabolite annotations

·       Mass spectral libraries (using mzCloud), and how to search them

·       Tools for mass spectral interpretation

·       Reporting standards for metabolite identification

·       Question and answer session with a panel of experts

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Normal registration costs:

Early-bird Registration £1,349
Standard Registration £1,810