Applications for PhDs starting in October 2024 through all schemes are now closed.

To apply for a studentship, you will first need to choose the projects that you would like to work on, or the supervisors that you would like to work with. All available projects will be listed on the pages below.

What we offer

We offer 3 types of PhD studentship:

  1. Core (or ‘Standard’) studentships 
  2. iCASE studentships 
  3. Diverse Talent Scholarships

Appointed candidates to both types of studentship will be fully funded for 4 years, including:

  • Tax-free annual stipend at the UKRI rate.  The rate for starters in 2023/24 was £18,622.  The stipend rate for the 2024/25 academic year has not yet been set by UKRI.  There is an annual uplift for inflation and cost of living rises.  (i-CASE studentships may or may not attract an additional salary contribution from the industry partner).
  • UKRI tuition fees.  These were £4,712 per year for the 2023/24 academic year starters.  The UKRI fee rate for 2024/25 has not yet been set.  Fees are paid directly to the host institution.
  • A Research Training and Support Grant (RTSG)
  • An allowance for Fieldwork/Conference/Travel
  • A Professional Internship for PhD Students (PIPS) allowance is provided for standard studentships. (CASE students undertake a placement with, and funded by, the industry partner).

How to apply

Click on the links above for the different types of studentship for information about how to apply and a list of available projects.


If you have any questions or queries about your application, please contact the White Rose DTP directly at

Image credit: “More than meets the eye”: 3D distribution of transmembrane chemokine receptor CCR5 expressed within transfected Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells. Patrick Hunter, DTP PGR 2020