Singer Instruments, Somerset – deadline: ongoing applications

Singer Instruments have frequently managed successful PIPS placements for a number of years and have recently refreshed their offering to open up a wider range of placement opportunities. See their advert for PIPs placements below.

If you have any additional questions you can email the product manager, Claire Haskins, on this address

PIPs Intern

Singer Instruments designs robots that empower scientists in laboratories in over 60 countries to accelerate their research efforts on global challenges such as cures for cancer and solutions for renewable energies.

We’re looking for PIPs interns.

Located in Exmoor on the UK’s South West coast, Singer offers world class culture. An engaged team makes great products!


Apply to work with us on our website at:

The Roles


You don’t need any background knowledge for these roles, just a willingness to learn. Both our R&D Manager and Senior Scientist completed their PIPs internships here and came back to work full-time after finishing their PhDs… so we know just how rewarding a placement with us can be! Working with you, we will develop your project to suit you and deliver real business value whilst also ensuring you get exposure to the experiences that matter to you. The project you end up working on and people you collaborate with will vary greatly depending on our own department priorities, which can change very rapidly. Due to the short-term nature of our projects, we often won’t be able to confirm exactly what you’ll be working on until only a few weeks before you’re due to arrive. 

Examples of previous projects include:

  • Encoding an automated analysis report generation program to test our latest feature. 
  • Proof of Concept experiments for high-throughput UV mutagenesis on the ROTOR+
  • Market Research and product testing of our new Liquid Handler
  • Design and testing of the user interface for our PIXL Zone of Inhibition beta feature.  


Our Research department exists to make sure our products exceed the scientific capabilities our customers require from them. Our PIPs students have designed and implemented instrument testing procedures in our laboratory, developed scientific workflows for existing and future products, worked alongside hardware and software engineers to drive product development and engineered data analysis platforms using R and Python. 

Product management:

Join our dynamic team and shape the future of our company’s products! Collaborate with customers, sales, marketing, science, and robotics teams to gather insights, research competitors or work out business value for future products. Translate these findings into actionable requirements for our talented engineers to bring innovative instruments to life or help suggest what you think we should build next and why.

User experience (UX):

You’ll be interacting with scientists across a range of fields to conduct questionnaires and interviews to discover what drives them, highlight their biggest problems in the lab, explore product development solutions, and test the impact of any changes implemented. Let’s improve the experience of scientists so that their discoveries change the world quicker!


Dive into our customer segmentation data to uncover trends and tactics that hold the key to transforming our business. Use your skills to find potential opportunities and contribute to new strategies for developing compelling narratives and engaging content aimed at target markets . From crafting scientific content, such as blogs, application notes and social media posts, to collaborating with industry experts to deliver impactful case studies and testimonials, each day promises an adventure in creativity and impact.

Why Choose?:

If you are passionate about multiple roles and want a thrilling collaborative project that brings them together, let’s jump in and make it a reality! Simply let us know which departments you are interested in and why.

​The Team

You will be mentored by a team member and a manager who will support you to develop a project idea and make every effort to ensure a positive experience for you. Subject experts are also available for additional support. You may present your project to stakeholders such as engineers, programmers, and other non-scientists, which in turn will help you to hone your skills in communicating complex concepts in a simple and engaging manner. Additionally, you will likely collaborate with multiple departments on your project.

Why are we offering placements?

We are a small company and greatly benefit from the unique scientific skills and experiences brought in by PIPs interns. Each intern challenges our existing notions and helps us improve our products. The market knowledge you possess is invaluable to us. We are happy to provide our interns with exposure to a diverse range of experiences, depending on where their goals push them.

Essential skills

🧠Open mind

🌳Growth outlook

🧙🏽‍♀️Be fun to worth with

🍪Cookie baking!

How do you fit in?

  • You’re excited to have a complete change of pace for 3 months.
  • You want to make a difference in scientific research through lab automation.
  • A willingness to learn and develop your understanding of lab automation.
  • You don’t mind the idea of working with some country bumpkins in lab coats. 

Why should you apply?

  • Singer Instruments have hosted many previous PIPS students and, like them, you will have the opportunity to experience many different aspects of our business. 
  • We always work with you to understand which areas you find most interesting and where possible nurture you within those roles. 
  • You can have the opportunity to get involved with our STEM outreach or ED&I groups.
  • You may have the opportunity to share ideas and try your hand at product development, product testing, software development and marketing; the business is your oyster!

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

We encourage applications from all individuals and respect and appreciate differences and unique ways of thinking.

We are flexible and can adapt both our application and interview processes by discussing your individual needs first.

More reasons to apply

🙌 World class workplace culture: eNPS 61 

🏖️ Location: Your hike / bike / surf / kitesurf is part of your daily life

🏄🏽‍♀️ Surf’s-up no-notice time off for surf or weather-related activities

🤹 Flexible working blended approach to office and WFH

🏡 Assistance towards accommodation or remote working may be available on a case by case basis

Skills developed

Skills developed will depend on the project you are assigned to, but could include knowledge of industry standard processes, software and recording methods, understanding of product development from concept to marketing, Agile project management, and inter-team collaboration.

About us

Singer Instruments, headquartered in Somerset on the edge of Exmoor National Park, develop laboratory automation to accelerate research for scientists who want to make the world a better place. The company supports a global customer base, across a spectrum of interests such as healthcare, antibiotics, biofuels, renewable fabrics, and sustainable foods.

As an employee-owned company, Singer puts their people first. Singer Instruments are very proud to have won the Somerset Business Awards Employer of the Year; by supporting our teams and investing in our people, we get the best results for our customers.

Staff are highly motivated by their global scientific impact and a shared value for company culture. Table football in the staff room, boules in the Japanese garden, and table tennis and barbecues on the deck form part of our working ethos. The atmosphere is relaxed, attitudes are positive, and nobody wears a suit. Work in a rapidly growing business should be fun, so Singer take any opportunity possible to celebrate success. Did somebody say BBQ?!


Singer Lab, Minehead, Somerset

Please be aware that this is a rural location, a car isn’t essential but very useful. You can walk or take our singular bus line to work if you find accommodation in the local area.