Ethan Redmond

The Circadian Clock in the Ageing Plant

About me

I studied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge for my undergraduate degree. During this time, I was introduced to a vast array of techniques and approaches to problem solving. Solving difficult problems in mathematics often involves exploring the structure of abstract objects and patterns. The recent explosion of quantitative data in biology creates a wealth of these abstract problems, which I am eager to work on. Throughout my PhD, I plan to improve both my experimental and mathematical skills and I hope to be a truly interdisciplinary scientist.

My project

Circadian clocks are genetic timekeepers that have developed in most organisms on Earth, allowing organisms to predict changes in environment over a 24 hour period. In plants, the clock has a central role in organising development and responding to environmental stresses. My project will use a range of modelling and bioinformatics approaches to understand how the circadian clock can control developmental processes and how ageing affects this.