Peter Chong

CryoEM and biochemistry-led discovery of protein nanopores for biotechnology (CASE)

About me

I completed my MSci. in biochemistry at the University of Bristol with a 2:1. I have finished two productive and successful internships in research labs at the University of Bristol and at the Research and Enterprise Development (RED) department. I was drawn to this project because of the wide-ranging potential applications of protein nanopores as fast, and easy DNA and protein sequencing machines. The multidisciplinary nature of this project will teach many things about working in an academic and industrial setting.

My project

Expressing, purifying and characterising virus proteins from thermostable viruses. Characterise the portal proteins for use in DNA or peptide sequencing. Use cloning, PCR, expressing strains of bacteria. Use liquid nitrogen for freezing proteins. Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) and negative stain work to find their structure Running SDS-PAGE gels DNA agarose gels for analysis.