Gabriele Stakaiyte

Novel mechanisms to inhibit virus replication by targetting mRNA export pathways

My project focuses on finding out the molecular mechanisms behind the metastatic phenotype of Merkel cell carcinoma. This is a rare but aggressive skin cancer, with a 5-year survival rate after metastasis of 0-18%. This cancer is caused by Merkel cell polyomavirus. I study how the oncogenes encoded by this virus promote cell motility and metastasis. My work will hopefully contribute towards a novel drug target.


Stakaityte, G., Wood, J.J., Knight, L.M. et al (2014). Merkel cell polyomavirus: molecular insights into the most recently discovered human tumour virus. Cancers (in review)
Knight, L.M., Stakaityte, G., Wood, J.J. et al (2014). Merkel cell polyomavirus small T antigen mediates microtubule destabilisation to promote cell motility and migration. PLoS Pathog (in revision)