Lilium – Oxford

Job role: Protein Engineer
Location: Westbourne Park, London
Position: Full-time, available from April onwards
There is no deadline advertised but the position is likely to start from April, so don’t delay your application!

Company overview:
LiliumX are a recent University of Oxford spinout that drives innovation in bispecific antibody R&D against cancer. We believe that current bispecific antibody R&D is outdated and focused only on limited known biology. We break free of this limitation by using our highly modular high throughput protein platform to discover novel target combinations to make first-in-class bispecific antibodies with entirely new mechanisms of action.

Project overview:
Covalent conjugation technologies allow for the modular assembly of complex proteins, enabling the production of bispecific antibodies at high combinatorial scales. The aim of the project is to derive a new peptide-protein conjugation technology that has beneficial features in generating novel bispecific antibodies.
You will work in collaboration with the biochemistry team to deliver this project. This will involve:

  • Computational design and selection of protein modifications allowing covalent
  • Use of high-throughput DNA cloning methodologies to produce plasmids for protein
  • Optimising purification methods and perform biochemical and biophysical
    characterisation for protein constructs
  • Suggest and implement novel ideas related to the project

You will work primarily on this project, but may be expected to perform other roles within the
biochemistry team as required. By the end of the internship, you will be expected to be
working independently taking the lead on project direction, generate accurate reports and
give presentations to the team.

Required experience and skills:

  • Experience in working with molecular biology techniques, particularly modern DNA
    cloning methodologies
  • Experience in protein biochemistry, including recombinant protein expression and
  • Motivation to challenge and learn new skills and knowledge
  • Experience in computational protein engineering using open-source bioinformatics tools, structural prediction software, such as AlphaFold, and molecular dynamics simulations.
  • Experience in using an automated liquid handlers

How to Apply:
Email us with your CV and your interest in applying at