Kew Gardens – deadlines vary

Please see here for details on placements at Kew Gardens. Two placements have the following upcoming deadlines: 6th October 2023 and 31st October 2023, the rest are rolling deadlines.


The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew (Kew Gardens) has developed a portfolio of suggested PIPS ideas.

The placements are based at Kew Gardens in London or Wakehurst in Sussex.

You will have your DTP PIPS allowance of £1,000 but Kew cannot provide any additional funding towards these placements for work, accommodation or travel. 

There is a broad range of opportunities available.  The website lists the different teams/departments that are open to hosting PhD placements/internships. Underneath this, PDFs are linked to show more information about the placements that are currently available within that team. Some might be specific projects whilst others are suggestions of projects that could be developed further when a student applies. Some of the roles could be using skills a student already has, perhaps in a particular software, but for a different application which would allow you to experience something new. I would encourage students to have a browse through different sections because some tasks, for example in science, do not require students with a specific scientific background.

How to apply

Two of the placements have specific application deadlines:

Community Open Week 2024 – Deadline 31st October 2023

Developing a book of Madagascar grasses – Deadline 6th October 2023


The other opportunities have rolling deadlines so you can apply anytime. 

To apply, send a CV and a 500-word statement of interest to

Contact Fiona Wilkie, email:, with any questions.