PhD Projects: 2019

NameProject title
Owen Laing
Molecular mechanisms underlying replicative stress and genome damage in pluripotent stem cells (i-CASE)
Peter Daniels
Characterisation of the Rex1 ribonuclease in yeast and human cells
Federica Pastorelli
1/ Characterization of cyclic electron flow around photosystem I in photosynthesis 2/ Super-resolution video rate imaging of photosynthetic membrane dynamics in plants and algae
Megan Lovatt
SSA Cryo-electron Tomography of Activated Mammalian Synapses
Conor Scott
Mining the secretome of the lignocellulose degrading fungus Parascedosporium putredinis NO1 (i-CASE)
Larra Trinidad
Epithelial morphogenesis: coordinating planar polarity and tissue mechanics
Joseph Nabarro
Probing the dynamics, orientation and conformation of lipopolysaccharide in bacterial membranes through bio-orthogonal chemistry and single-molecule biophysics
Jessica Davis
Structural characterization of the enterococcal polysaccharide antigen and analysis of its contribution to cell growth, division and antibiotic resistance
Cara Wheeldon
The role of root exudates in density-dependent growth responses in plants
Quentin Levicky 2019 starter headshotQuentin Levicky
Development of Debaryomyces hansenii as a robust host for production of high value fatty acid-based biochemicals.