Ryan Hubball

Designing a chemical ‘toolbox’ for the efficient inhibition of metalloenzymes (NPIF)

About me

After completing the Chemical Biology and Drug Design course at the University of Leeds in the School of Chemistry, I was keen to apply my knowledge and further develop my research skills.
My PhD brings together a combination of traditional medicinal chemistry approaches, alongside computational and biological methods. The variety of techniques used in this project appealed to me, as it gives me a broader skill-set for future work.

My project

My project is focused on the inhibition of enzymes that harness metals in their active sites for their catalytic activity; these are known as metalloenzymes.  More specifically, I am aiming to inhibit metallo-beta-lactamases, a class of enzymes harboured in some antibiotic resistant bacteria that we currently have no effective clinically available treatments for.  We hope to develop a molecule that will inhibit these enzymes, and is able to penetrate the gram-negative bacterial wall.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-hubball-86176283/