Daniel Yee

Understanding cell-type specific regulation of microRNA biogenesis

I graduated from University College London with BSc Biomedical Sciences in 2013 and MRes Cancer Biology from Imperial College London in 2014. My main interests are in cell biology and immunology.

Currently, I am a PhD student in Dimitris Lagos’ lab located in the Centre for Immunology and Infection at the University of York. I study microRNAs in the immune context. MicroRNAs are highly conserved in animals and play an important role in gene regulation by targeting mRNA and preventing protein production. Consequently, microRNAs are involved in several biological, developmental and physiological processes and can be highly tissue-specific for maintenance of tissue identity. MicroRNAs are relatively unstudied in the context of the lymphatic endothelium which is closely connected to the function and regulation of the immune system. My project investigates the role of inflammation-induced microRNAs in the interaction between T cells and lymphatic endothelium.


Leonov G, Shah K, Yee D, Timmis J, Sharp TV, Lagos D. Suppression of AGO2 by miR-132 as a determinant of miRNA-mediated silencing in human primary endothelial cells. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2015.