Zinc.vc – Apply by 6pm Sun 27 Feb 2022

Zinc.vc is proud to be launching a flagship Innovation Internship programme for PhD students. We are giving ambitious and motivated PhD students the opportunity to undertake a three-month internship embedding research principals, methods, and their disciplinary knowledge in early-stage start-ups. This is a unique opportunity to experience research-in-action. This experience/support package will ensure our student interns are guided through their transition from academia to industry and take a wealth of useful skills and lessons back to their PhDs. We are aware that undertaking an internship with a start-up is a less traditional route for PhD students, which is partially why we think this opportunity is so valuable.

Zinc Innovation Internships 2021-22

Zinc builds brand-new companies from scratch to develop products and services that respond to urgent societal challenges. We’re looking for ambitious PhD students from a range of academic backgrounds, who are passionate about one or more of our missions to: improve mental health; enhance the quality of later life; and unlock new life chances for people affected by automation and globalisation. We are particularly interested in recruiting students with an interest in our current mission focus on improving mental health for children and young people. PhD students should be in their second year (preferably) although early third year candidates will be considered too. They must also be Research Council-funded given the internships are unpaid.

You can read more about this opportunity here. Applications can be made here, with a closing date of Sunday 27th February (6pm). To apply, you’ll need a short CV and a 2-page (~800 word) cover letter explaining why you’re interested in working with us. Once you’ve submitted these, we’ll also ask you to submit a 2-minute video telling us a bit more about how an Innovation Internship with Zinc will support your longer-term career goals. Full details are on the application page, but if you need more information or want to chat to us before applying, please email salman@zinc.vc  

Please note the start date for the internships will likely be early May and run until early August.

You might also find it useful to watch some or all of the recording here of an introduction to the Innovation Internships programme, which includes thoughts and reflections from two current PhD students who have recently worked with Zinc and our ventures.