White Rose’s Mycrobio Team Wins at YES20 Competition

YES20 Competitions Header

Some good news from the DTP! the team Mycrobio funded by the White Rose DTP won the prize for “Best IP strategy” sponsored by Potter Clarkson at the YES20 competition. After a long delay due to COVID the competition finally took place on April 23rd, with the team submitting an IP strategy to use microbiome sequencing to create bespoke skincare products with the aim of restoring and maintaining a healthy skin microbiome.

The team consisted of a group of students comprising all our partner institutions including the Universities of Sheffield, York, and Leeds. This group has been a great example of the benefits of inter cohort participation!

Mycrobio YES20 submission cover photo

And without further adieu the particpating members were

  • Alice Seleiro “Team Leader” (Sheffield)
  • Orlagh Anderson (York)
  • Laurence De Lussy-Kubisa (Sheffield)
  • Maia Harvey (Leeds)
  • Jack Wright (Leeds)

Great job to all those above and hopefully we can do some more articles on you all again soon!