ITECHO HEALTH Fertility Outcomes – Deadline: 12 Dec 2019

This is an opportunity to spend 3 months with ITECHO HEALTH as a Machine Learning Research Intern.



Itecho Health is a young, dynamic company established to develop digital health applications in long-term or stable conditions and is led by clinicians and experts in technology and business. We have created AscelusTM – a fully integrated platform with patient and clinician user applications and AI/machine learning module interconnected with existing hospital IT systems to improve management of long-term conditions. This aims to benefit patients (increased convenience and empowerment), commissioners (reduced costs) and hospitals (increased capacity for clinicians). This approach has been proven successful in 12,000 patients with stable HIV across five hospitals in Europe. We are currently working on three main research projects:

  1. To develop our platform for use in fertility medicine – to improve fertility outcomes in sub-fertile patient populations, through personalised prescription of lifestyle factors, predominantly physical activity and exercise. The AI system will integrate patient data and NHS Trust clinical records to develop optimal lifestyle interventions and advice.
  2. To develop our platform for management of patients with Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS), that will provide a more convenient and time efficient way of managing their condition. The project aims to implement AscelusTM, allowing patients to record symptoms, receive clinical advice, test results, information on medication, and make appointments on their mobile device. This will reduce the need for face-to-face appointments and free up clinician time for more complex patients.
  3. To develop our platform to assist in the management of men with advanced prostate cancer. Men with advanced prostate cancer currently have to attend out-patients up to 15 times per year and our technology may be able to half the number of visits and replace these with a mobile interaction and video conferencing with the existing specialist team.

We are based in Nexus, a newly built research and innovation centre in the heart of the University of Leeds campus: 

What you will do

The project looks at the relationship between lifestyle factors, such as nutrition and exercise, and fertility. Specifically, we are looking at three populations: patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome, secondary amenorrhea or patients undergoing IVF treatment. The goal is to develop our digital health platform, AscelusTM, to help improve fertility outcomes via personalised exercise, nutritional and behavioural interventions, which are constantly adjusted through our AI interface, and is supported by scientific research.

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Develop behavioural and psychological advice and treatment based on published evidence, to support the exercise and nutrition team.
  • Develop ways to improve motivation of patients through the platform to maximise impact.
  • Lead the user experience market research – including patient recruitment, patient observation/interviews and prototype development and modification based on user experience laboratory (Ux lab) involvement (it is our understanding that this approach has not previously been used with patients/clinicians)
  • Potential for scientific publication in the field of Social Sciences

Ideal candidate

The characteristics listed below are ideally required for the role.  However, if you are not sure that you match all the criteria but you are interested in the placement, please see contact details below to have a discussion before applying.  (Don’t delay, as it is a tight application deadline).  

  • Experience undertaking scientific or business research
  • Postgraduate studying a core social science such as psychology
  • Experience studying behavioural or psychological theories
  • Experience of publication/presentations to a range of audiences.
  • Passion for public health and health improvement


Internships will take place for 3 months during 2020.  Dates are flexible and will be agreed between ITECHO HEALTH and the student. 


You will be based at the ITECHO HEALTH offices within Nexus on The University of Leeds campus, within a short walk from Leeds train station.

Discovery Way
University of Leeds



For enquiries concerning the details of the placement – duties, dates, general discussion about suitability, etc – please contact Joanne Howorth in the first instance.  She will direct you to the relevant person to speak to in the ITECHO HEALTH team.

Joanne Howorth | Engagement Manager: Talent and Skills I Nexus | Research and Innovation Service   Email:           Tel: 0113 343 2706

How to apply

ITECHO HEALTH applic form – Fertility Outcomes – DOWNLOAD HERE

Return your completed application form to Joanne Howarth (

by the deadline:  11:59 hours Thursday 12th December 2019