OZBRIUM – Cambridge

OBRIZUM Group was established in 2015 to transform digital learning. We are a Cambridge-based EdTech company at the forefront of the AI-led eLearning revolution. Our founders discovered that the amount of information we need to consume and apply is increasing exponentially. However, existing eLearning methodologies — which present information linearly — cannot scale with this rapidly increasing body of global knowledge, and will eventually collapse.

Recognising this market need, we have developed an AI-led adaptive learning tool, OBRIZUM, that can tailor learning to meet needs of each learner in real time. When it comes to learning, we don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’: our technology allows learners to take their own, unique journey through content, increasing knowledge-transfer and reducing times-tocompetency.

Our cutting-edge adaptive, non-linear approach represents the future of digital learning and
corporate training, and we are looking for motivated, capable interns who share our values to
join our team.

Lead Contact
Name Michelle Ware, PhD
Email michelle@obrizumgroup.com

Project Outline

Intern projects will support the onboarding processes of creating adaptive on-demand
training programmes for Blue-Chip clients. Projects will be flexible depending on the needs
of the onboarding department at the time and the interests of the intern.

Activities could include:

  • Supporting the creation of eLearning programmes on our adaptive learning portal for various Blue-Chip clients, including biotech companies
  • Working with a content partner to create programmes for retail
  • Helping to create learning content such as multiple choices questions
  • Testing and experimenting with our portal and relaying your findings to the team
  • Working with our in-house business intelligence tool to gain insights into the performance of programmes
  • Promoting biotech programmes to scientists


Essential Skills
We ask that our interns:

  • Have a scientific background
  • Are highly-organised and motivated
  • Have an ability to communicate strongly both in writing and in person
  • Possess excellent project management skills
  • Are capable of working well independently, as well as part of a team

Skills Developed

The student will gain a greater understanding of how eLearning programmes are developed.
By the end of their internship, they will be confident with all aspects of creating a successful
eLearning programme. The intern will also have a deep understanding of how non-linear,
adaptive learning works and how this way of learning is disrupting corporate learning.
Key skills developed include organisation, problem-solving, and project management.

The start date is flexible: we accept intern students throughout the year.
Placement can be virtual or at the Cambridge office