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MORF is a web-based platform for storing, sharing and interrogating multi-omics data. It was custom built in the Thomas group at York as part of the DETOX project, for which it is a key resource for analysing and disseminating project data. MORF is now being developed as a service for academics and industry to use for their own data, either for their own primary analysis and use or for data dissemination through publications and other routes.

We are looking for a PIPS intern with a strong interest in programming to work in the MORF team, developing the platform and delivering MORF projects for clients. As well as having the chance to put their coding skills to the test, the intern will join the exciting journey to commercialise MORF!

Candidate requirements


  • Experience of programming with Python and R.
  • BSc in biology or a related subject
  • Excellent communication skills


  • Web development with JavaScript
  • Good knowledge of ‘omics technologies and microbiology


This opportunity is expected to be fulfilled remotely by a candidate with access to their own computer and internet, supported by in person meetings in York with the MORF team. The candidate will develop their coding skills and apply this to data visualization, integration and analysis problems to help improve the functionality of the tool. Experience in teamwork, time management and customer facing communication will be gained. There may also be opportunities to contribute to publications in this role.

Application Details

Please contact MORF Business Manager Joyce Bennett for informal enquiries and to submit your application and cover letter:

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