How will protein structures help us in the fight against COVID-19?

Mpro with inhibitor

Alex Holmes is a second-year White Rose DTP student at the University of Leeds and volunteers as a Pint of Science team leader for the ‘Our Body’ strand. She works at the interface of structural, computational and chemical biology, using these techniques to study a family of membrane proteins and their potential druggability.

Alex has written a blog post on the Pint of Science website on how the methods she uses are being applied in the latest coronavirus research efforts towards medicine development. This article ties well with Dorothy Hawkins’ current COVID-19 research (see below) who is working towards a 3D structure of the viral nucleocapsid protein and explains how understanding what the virus ‘looks like’ will aid drug development.

You can find the full article here and follow Alex on Twitter for more great science communication content! You can find more information about how to get involved in Pint of Science or write a blog post yourself on the main webpage.