Pint of Science Festival 17-20 May 2021

Two of our DTP PGRs, Conor Scott, and Alex Holmes are involved in organising and hosting Pint of Science Festival events this year. Details of the specific events they are involved in are below.

For the full Pint of Science event list, go to:

All sessions are free.

Conor Scott, is hosting this year’s Pint of Science event at The University of York!  The event is open to all universities so feel free to book tickets – It looks like it will be an interesting and fun experience!

Pint of Science is back again virtually this May with York hosting a show 7-8pm Tuesday 18th May 2021, taking viewers From Atoms to Galaxies, The Circus Act of Gravity.

Join us by booking tickets through the following link to learn the science of the circus from chemist by trade turned Circus ringmaster Circus Stu (@CircusYork), and how biological life as we know it is a bit of a circus from Dr Nate Adams (@nateadams). The show will also include a creative interactive doodling experience with York based artist Stephen Lee Hodgkins (@HodgkinsSL).  This fantastic night hosted by University of York PhD student Conor Scott (@CJR_Scott) will be fun and educational for all age groups, so make sure to book tickets and we look forward to seeing you there! For more information and to book your tickets:

Alex Holmes is organising the following Pint of Science events on behalf of Leeds – Again, events are open to the public so please book for whichever ones pique your interest:

Pint of Science is returning to Leeds to provide a space for researchers and members of the public alike to come together, be curious, and chat about research in a relaxed environment outside of mysterious laboratories or daunting dark lecture theatres. In a new and exciting format, the festival will be freely available on your screens in Leeds (and beyond!) to make it more accessible than ever before.

Creative Reactions – 1st May to 30th June 2021

We explore how art and science can converge across a variety of topics, spanning from viruses to the placenta, whilst spotlighting fantastic Leeds-based artists. The gallery will feature work from the Creative Labs team at the University of Leeds and also from other scientists turning their hand to art. Browse the gallery in your own time from 1st May to 30th June 2021. Find the event at:

Mind Body Tech 17th May 8 pm

With every new technology, we have been warned that it will be the demise of humanity: “TV will rot your brain,” and “video games will make us all violent.” In reality, technology has helped us to connect and understand each other, helped us live longer, and given us insights into what makes us human. This session will showcase how technology can be harnessed to improve our minds and bodies throughout our lives: from children learning to type, to helping an older generation keep active and prolong life. Speaking on this topic are Dr Jen EdwardsDr Emily Williams and Paul Baniqued. Register your interest and find out more at:

Hear Me Out 19th May 8 pm

Hear ye hear ye! People are as biologically unique as their musical tastes, and we’re increasingly utilising bespoke healthcare rather than one-size-fits-all approaches. How has this led to hearing aid technology being developed to improve the lives of individuals with hearing loss? After the past year, it might feel like people only exist in the virtual world, but could we test new medicines on virtual patients instead of human participants? Join researchers from the University of Leeds who will outline the ways in which technology is being used to advance healthcare and discuss the role it may play in the future. We will be enlightened on this topic by Dr Alinka Greasley and Professor Alex Frangi. Register for the live event at:

Science with a Capital “S”

Science has a huge influence on every part of our lives, from how quickly we can develop a vaccine, to how thin the latest iPhone will be. But what’s going on behind the scenes?  How is science conducted? How do we know we can trust it? How does the way we learn about science affect our view of the world? And what does a scientist actually do all day? Join five Leeds-based scientists to answer these questions and many more, as we investigate how we all learn and think about the science that plays an increasingly important role in our 21st Century lives. This session will be hosted by Chris Snowden and will feature Dr Benjamin S. Hanson, Alex Wakeman, Alex Woodford and Izzy Lloyd. Follow this link to register for your free ticket: