Shauni McGregor – International Poster Prize

Shauni McGregor is a plant biologist based at the University of Sheffield. Her PhD, which she began as part of the 2017 cohort, is entitled The Mechanics of Stomatal Function and focuses on plant gas exchange and water use, specifically in grasses and cereals.

Recently, Shauni has gained recognition at an international level. At the Society of Experimental Biology’s Annual Meeting in Seville, Spain, Shauni received an award for the best poster in the Stomatal and Photosynthetic Regulation of Water Use Efficiency session. Generously sponsored by ADC Scientific, the award was judged not only on the poster itself but also on a two-minute ‘flash talk’ delivered during the session to a sizeable audience.

Alongside her PhD, Shauni is a keen science communicator, delivering events to a wide range and audiences throughout Sheffield. This includes a recent event focusing on plant science and food security, which Shauni organised in conjunction with the British Science Association and Sheffield Food Festival.

You can learn more about Shauni’s work or get in touch via her twitter page @shauni_mcgregor