Gregory Billenness

Understanding Signalling Cascades using Affimer reagents (NPIF)

About me

I spent much of my youth working and travelling in various countries before settling back in England. I worked as an online Cricket trader before being made redundant and coming back to study BMS at Bradford before starting a PhD here in Leeds. We have all lost somebody to cancer and understanding inappropriate cell signalling is a big part of our fight to conquer this disease. I was also very happy to stay in beautiful Yorkshire.

My project

My project involves using Affimer Reagents raised against Src homology 2 (SH2) domains. These are structurally conserved domains found in all multicellular eukaryotes. There are 120 SH2 domains encoded on the human genome.Many have a role in phosphotyrosine signaling, recognising the pTyr residues and allowing the signal transduction from the membrane to the cell’s interior. They are perhaps best understood for their role in the MAPK pathway. My project has examined the effect of Affimers raised against the Grb2 SH2 domain on ERK phosphorylation levels in cellular assays.