Alice Seleiro

Uncovering underlying cellular mechanisms at work under high cell density E. coli protein production conditions in biotechnology (iCASE)

About me

I am doing a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Graham Stafford and working in collaboration with FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies. Prior to this, I got my degree in Biotechnology and Microbiology from the University of York. During my degree, I did a summer project with Prof. Neil Bruce’s including characterizing lignocellulose degrading enzymes, spent my placement year working with Dr. Lynne Bingle at the University of Sheffield determining the antimicrobial activity of the salivary protein BPIFA2/SPLUNC2 and did my final year project with Prof. Peter McGlynn screening E. coli overexpression libraries for antibiotic resistance genes.

My project

Protein production for biopharmaceuticals is an industry that is estimated to be worth over $200 billion by 2020, with E. coli often being used to produce these biopharmaceuticals. As part of my project I am using proteomics and transcriptomics to gain a better understanding of how overexpression of a model recombinant protein affects gene expression and cell physiology in E. coli. This data will be used to engineer strains and media to improve the quantity and quality of therapeutic proteins.


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