Adam Casey

Improving pest management in coffee plantations (iCASE)

About me

After completing a degree in Biology at Liverpool John Moores University, I pursued a career in plant sciences by undertaking a Masters in Plant genetics and Crop Improvement at the University of East Anglia. During my Masters, I undertook a research project at the John Innes centre, where I continued as a research assistant in crop pathology.

My project

I joined the Nematology lab at the University of Leeds in 2018 to study a PhD under Professor Urwin in collaboration with Nestlé. My project aims to uncover the metabolic and molecular characteristics of coffee that underpin tolerance and resistance to plant parasitic nematodes. I am also investigating the attraction of these nematodes to chemicals exuded by the roots of coffee plants its intercrops, and characterising the neurobiological pathways which drives this behaviour. This project includes various aspects of biology; from molecular genetics in the lab to crop and soil science in coffee plantations. As DTP CASE student, I will also have the opportunity to visit and work with the Nestlé research and development team to compliment my project.


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