Frederick Weaver

Determining the role of molecular co-chaperones in virus infection: A novel antiviral approach

About me

I completed an MChem at the university of York with masters specialising in organic process chemistry relating to alpha arylation of saturated sulfur heterocycles. I enjoyed this challenge, however I have always enjoyed the overlap between biology and chemistry. This project encapsulates both disciplines through the investigation of viruses, in particular KSHV, an oncogneic virus which affects millions of people. It has given me the chance to learn many new techniques outside of my own experience and have a broader more holistic view of science.

My project

My project looks at interlink between viral infection and how viral replication relies upon a molecular chaperone system in which co-chaperones are a key component. We hope that by targeting co-chaperones, a potential future pharmaceutical target could be found. Furthermore, by also conducting proteomic analysis of binding partners to the co-chaperones, a greater understanding of how the virus utilises these pathways could be found.


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