Here is list of the DTP’s second cohort of students who began their projects in 2013.
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Uni                 Theme  Name                                       Project Title
Leeds FS Joseph Lattimer Studies on the replication of the non-primate
hepacivirus (NPHV)
Leeds FS Elizabeth Hollwey Generating epigenetic diversity in plants
York FS Thomas Hartley Increasing the potassium use efficiency in crops.
York FS Thomas Irving How plants maintain a good relationship with
beneficial fungi.
York FS James Wilson Plant-mediated interactions between above and
below ground symbiotic microbes: implications for
food security.
Sheffield FS Aidan Taylor Understanding the mechanism of resistance to host
antimicrobial peptides in a food-borne pathogen: An
interdisciplinary approach
Sheffield FS Emily Breardon Discovery and functional analysis of Striga
resistance genes in rice for targeted breeding of
durable defence
Leeds IBB Corinne Shaw Enzyme action and hemicellulose substrate
heterogeneity in cell wall contexts.
York IBB Constantinos Drousiotis Life in mucus: exploitation of acetylated sialic acids
by human gut commensals.
York IBB Daniel Upton Metabolic modelling of Aspergillus niger; Fungal
York IBB Marc Cabry Structural analysis of dioxygenases from opium
poppy: towards the production of new biocatalytic
tools for morphinan production.
Sheffield IBB Callum Pattrick Engineering Escherichia coli to transport and
efficiently metabolise ferulate
Leeds WBC Nicole Jackson From inhibitor to antibacterial agent: delineating the
physico-chemical properties required of small
molecules to enable bacterial uptake
Leeds WBC Patrick Knight Investigating the mechanisms of aggregation
associated with neurodegenerative polyglutamine
(polyQ) diseases.
Leeds WBC Robert Thomas Computational modelling of growth angle control
across the higher plants
Leeds WBC James Edmundson Development of protein probes to detect
York WBC Elliot Jokl Mechanotransduction through z-disc complexes
of the skeletal muscle.
Sheffield WBC Bryony Cotterell Bacterial Cell Wall Mapping at the Nanoscale
Sheffield WBC Ian Bennet Protein and DNA Dynamics in 5′-Nuclease
Mechanistic Biology
Sheffield WBC Simon Lesbriel The assembly of the human TREX mRNA export
Sheffield WBC Hannah Southam CO-releasing molecules as novel antimicrobial
agents: mechanisms of transport and resistance
Sheffield WBC Sarah Yates Structural studies on luminescent probes for
quadruplex DNA
Sheffield WBC Joe Tyler Analysis of a Novel Actin Nucleating Machinery
regulating Membrane trafficking
Leeds WCB Adam Hyman Mechanism of shear stress sensing
Leeds WCB Alexander Evans The energetics of bird flight: metabolic, mechanical
and aerodynamic consequences of flying in