Alex Wright – Swift Analytical

Alex Wright undertook his Professional Internship for PhD Students (PIPS) as a third year in 2019.  Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

Where did you go and what did you do?

I worked for a life sciences technology commercialisation company called Swift Analytical. Swift is a consultancy and sales company, which specialises in the product development and subsequent marketing of novel life science technologies around the world. Swift generally specialises helping late-stage start-ups establish a targeted distribution network, and fine tune their product specification for market. Swift also works with established technology companies to set up global distribution networks for new products.

I worked primarily on the launch of the new iWashTM slide cleaning system. In my role I extensively tested the system and wrote its user manual, and provided face-to-face technical feedback to the manufacturer.

I also wrote two technical articles for publication extolling the systems virtues, and wrote several press releases announcing its global sales launch and growing distribution network.

I also worked on lead generation for the Regemat 3D bioprinting system, which directly led to two Skype calls with clients interested in purchasing the system.

What made you want to do that particular placement?
Firstly, it was conveniently situated in York which allowed me to stay living in Leeds, as the reclamation model for PIPS expenses made it impossible for me to live away from home for 3 months. I was interested in the industry surrounding the transfer of research technologies to the industrial marketplace. This placement offered the opportunity to be a member of a small team, and to be intimately involved with the final-stage pre-launch testing and marketing of new technology for the scientific industry.
How did you go about finding and planning your PIPS?
Swift Analytical were listed as previous employers for PIPS. I therefore emailed them with my CV and a covering letter. They got in contact by phone to organise a meeting. This was successful and we settled on a start date.
What have you gained from doing your PIPS?
I have gained a better understanding of the processes required to bring a product to market. This includes knowledge of the legal and economic requirements for a product to be successful. I have also gained experience of active sales processes, and methods to gain visibility for a product.
How would you sum up your PIPS experience?
Interesting change in perspective, as it allowed me to see different mindset required from the earliest stages of design in order to develop and successfully market new technology. Also it was a useful breather to recover from the stress of PhD research, allowing me to return refreshed and re-energised.
What advice would you give to other students about PIPS?
Do it earlier than your 3rd year. Even if you’re doing something boring, try hard and you might learn something interesting. Don’t do whatever you’re told or you’ll be made to do pointless grunt work beneath your level; stand up for yourself if you’re not getting to do what you were promised.