Our programme recognises the need to develop bioscientists with a range of research skills and in particular to equip them with the core mathematical, data analysis and generic professional skills that are necessary for bioscience research in the coming decades.


Our DTP and associated students are provided with a structured programme of training courses. Students will be provided with cohort-wide training modules developed specifically for the DTP in core skills such as new technologies, data-analysis and modelling and commercialisation awareness. 

Students will visit our partners, Fera and the Research Complex at Harwell, where they can find out more about the research facilities and opportunities available to them.

In addition there is a huge range of opportunities to attend training courses, seminars, conferences and other events offered across the White Rose universities.

Students will meet with other students in their cohort multiple times throughout their PhD, providing the opportunity to build strong networks which we hope will benefit them both during and after their studies.

The training programme offered to all DTP and associated students is shown in the table below.  We review and update our training in response to student feedback to enable us to provide relevant and interesting training sessions, which will enhance our student’s research experience and career prospects.

White Rose DTP Cohort Training Programme


Training Module


Late Oct

Molecules to Market 2 day module (Sheffield)

Year 1

Early Nov

Bioscience Insights Day (York)

Year 1

Late Nov

Induction/Training Day (FERA)

Year 1

Late Nov

Dragon’s Den – team presentation of business pitches (FERA)

Year 2

Late Nov

Career Workshop (FERA)

Year 3

Mid Nov

4 day Super-resolution Microscopy & Imaging Training Course (York, Leeds, Sheffield)

Priority given to Year 1

Mid Dec/Early Jan

Reproducibility in science: The use and abuse of statistics (Leeds)

Year 1

Mid Dec

Research Symposium (2019 – Sheffield)

All + Supervisors


PIPS information session (local sessions arranged at York, Leeds, Sheffield)

Years 2,3


Residential visit to the Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH), Didcot

Year 2


During their PhD students will undertake a 3 month Professional Internships for PhD Students (PIPS) which will give them the opportunity to gain experience of work in a professional environment and in transferable skills that will be beneficial in their future careers. Our flexible PIPS scheme will enable students to find placement opportunities tailored to their own needs. We ensure that each student is supported through the process of applying and securing a PIPS placement by specialised professional development coordinators based at each of the White Rose universities.

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