Optional – Super-resolution Microscopy: Imaging Course for BBSRC-funded students

Tues 13th and Wed 14th November – University of York; Thurs 15th November – University of Leeds; Fri 16th November – University of Sheffield

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Please note that priority for this course will be given to 2018 starters. However, if you were unable to attend previous courses then you are welcome to apply.

If you are BBSRC-funded then you are eligible to attend this imaging course free of charge.  Normally the course would cost ~£350 to attend and a maximum of 15 places are available.

All students attending the course will need to make, and cover the cost of, their own travel arrangements. Overnight accommodation (in York) on the night of 13th Nov will be provided free of charge to students from Leeds and Sheffield.


This 4 day course on super-resolution microscopy will give you the chance to try the new iSIM, PALM/STORM microscopy and the new Zeiss Airy Scan (all three different types of super–resolution). This course will take you into a much deeper understanding of what you can do with confocal/super–resolution imaging than simply taking pretty pictures, and is highly recommended.

The Course

Days 1 and 2 in York will cover the fundamentals of confocal and then swiftly move on to cover more advanced techniques such as FRAP, and spectral unmixing (for multicolour imaging of fluorophores with similar emission spectra).

Day 3 (Leeds) will introduce the very latest technologies involved with Super-Resolution microscopy and microscopy. Over the three days, all participants will have the opportunity to use many different microscope set-ups. To demonstrate each technique, a wide range of both samples (plants to cell culture) and labels (antibody to fluorescent proteins) will be used.

Day 4 (Sheffield) will provide the opportunity to work with Light-Sheet and see the available facilities at Sheffield as well as find out more about other techs not covered in Days 1-3.  A lecture on light sheet microscopy will be followed by small-group demos of the self built light sheet in Physics and commercial system in the Wolfson Light Microscopy Facility.

The course is taught by academic and research staff of the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York with specialist input from Carl Zeiss.

This intensive, four-day training course will be of value to anyone wanting to gain hands-on experience of modern confocal and emerging microscopy techniques. In addition to the hands-on component, the course will include tutorials on the theory and practice of all the techniques and methods covered, as well as many other relevant topics in the field.

An essential feature of our course is the unique combination of practical, laboratory-based work with both taught and tutorial-style classroom sessions. The three lead Universities are all extremely well equipped to meet the demands of microscopy in research. This course will enable the delegate to realise the potential that microscopy can bring to their science and help ensure that their work flows and data output will be of the highest standards.

This is an ideal opportunity to start a unique network of scientists looking to exploit microscopy at this early stage of their careers. Attending the training will provide opportunities for students to develop collaborations throughout the White Rose network, with planned annual meetings to showcase their own work whilst also gaining critical expert feedback.