Bioscience Insights Day (Compulsory for 2018 starters)

When? Tues 6th November 2018

Where? Biology Department, University of York

Is this compulsory? Yes – as part of your mandatory training, all Oct 2018 starters are required to attend this DTP training module.

How do I register for this event? Register here:

Register Here

The Insight Day provides an opportunity to refresh or extend your knowledge about the latest bioscience technologies.  The day will cover the following topics with in-house experts providing lectures on how the techniques work and are utilised along with some of the latest advances in the field.

  • Imaging and Flow Cytometry;
  • Genomics and bioinformatics;
  • Proteomics;
  • Protein overexpression, fermentation and purification;
  • Protein properties and interactions;
  • Computing systems for biologists.

After the above presentations there is an additional session for White Rose students on the additional facilities available to them at Leeds, Sheffield and York.

Attendees to the day will include PhD Students (including all White Rose DTP Students from Leeds, Sheffield & York), Post-Doctoral Researchers and Staff from York, other Universities and Commercial Companies.