Induction and Cohort Building Day at FERA (Compulsory for 2018, 2017 & 2016 Starters)

When?  Mon 26th Nov 2018

Where?  Fera, Sand Hutton, York

Is this event compulsory?  Yes, for Year 1 (2018 entry), 2 (2017 entry) and 3 (2016 entry) students

How do I register?  Please register via the link below:

Registration Form

Who should attend this event and what activities are planned for each cohort?

Year 1 (2018 intake) – Introduction to the DTP + Induction activities

Year 2 (2017 intake) – Dragon’s Den Pitch (2nd part of the Molecules to Market Module)

Year 3 (2016 intake) – Careers Planning with Caron King

This event is an opportunity for the year 1, 2 and 3 cohorts to meet and interact throughout an informative and rewarding day.

Everyone will be involved in activities both specific to their year group and across cohorts.  There will be a networking lunch for all, where students can also find out more about the PIPS opportunities offered by Fera.