Uni First Name Surname Project Title
York Banushan Balansethupathy Evaluating the role of protein dynamics in double-stranded RNA recognition
York Daniel Yee Understanding cell-type specific regulation of microRNA biogenesis
York Peter Fisher Predicting glycan alterations in mammalian cells
York Adam Hughes Membrane Migration and Fission: Structure and Interaction of Proteins Mediating Phagocytosis during Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis
York Caitlin McQueen Turning on genes to build muscle
York Cecilia Pennica Probing the molecular interactions mediating the segregation of a multidrug resistance plasmid
York Laura West Structure-function studies of N1-Src kinase in axon guidance
York Rachael Evans Evolving microbial communities for biofuel production
York Michael King Investigating the role of Capicua in mediating FGF transcriptional regulation in pluripotent stem cells
York  Thomas Wilkinson Plant-mediated interactions between above and below ground symbiotic microbes: implications for food security
Sheffield Ben Aden Phillips Investigating the mechanical regulation of autophagy
Sheffield Jordan Talbot A novel role for a specific chemokine in CNS function and disease
Sheffield Matthew Parker Deciphering microRNA networks using Next Generation Sequencing
Sheffield Jessica Dunn The Effect of Manipulating Wheat Stomatal Development
Sheffield Rachel Denley-Bowers The economics of stomatal distribution
Sheffield Stewart Barker Functional analysis of cell surface proteins in Gram-positive pathogens: from biochemistry to super resolution microscopy
Sheffield Nicolas Barber Multigene engineering of secretion by mammalian cell factories
Sheffield Eleanor Hanson Studying the roles of epigenetics in therapeutic protein production
Sheffield Samuel Dawes NMR screening of small molecule inhibitors targeting endonuclease activity of an ER stress sensor Ire1
Sheffield Simon Fairbanks Structural studies on luminescent probes for quadruplex DNA
Leeds Samuel Bunce Developing Diazirines as Probes for Monitoring Dynamic Molecular Recognition Processes
Leeds Joseph Ward Understanding foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) replication
Leeds Lucy Barber New approaches to combatting amyloid disease from mechanistic insights
Leeds Alexander Coleman Virus remodelling of the nuclear pore complex : a novel antiviral target
Leeds Peter Harrison Investigating the developmental genetic mechanisms that control segment formation during animal development and their potentially ancient evolutionary origins
Leeds Ryan Kaye The molecular basis of antigravitropism and the maintenance of non-vertical growth in root and shoot branches
Leeds Alastair Plant Co-Repression and the Evolution of Novel Plant Structures
Leeds Brendan Rogers The Structural Biology of the Z-disc in health and disease 
Leeds Emma Wroblewski Defining a novel assembly pathway in ssRNA viruses.
Leeds Lia De Faveri Synthetic approaches to developing reagents for rapid, in-field detection of cereal rusts 
Leeds Matthew Dooley Improving methods for the detection and monitoring of beetle pests through a deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying beetle odour perception.