Here is list of the DTP’s first cohort of students who began their projects in 2012.
Click on the project titles to find out more about the student.

Uni                Theme   Name                         Project Title                                               
Leeds FS Grace Hoysted Plant-mediated interactions between above- and
below-ground crop pests: molecular
and biochemical mechanisms
Leeds FS Tony Palmer Towards enhancing crop yields on acid,
phosphate-poor soils through an increased
understanding of mechanism in aluminium-
activated anion channels
York FS Emma Lindsay Improving arsenic tolerance in rice
York FS Thomas Thirkell Molecular basis of the benefits of arbuscular
mycorrhizal symbiosis for the nitrogen nutrition of crop plants
York FS John Thomas Mechanisms of adaptation of soil microbiota to
Sheffield FS Caitlin Brumby High resolution imaging of bacterial spore
Sheffield FS Hayley Owen The development of novel herbicides
Sheffield FS Sam Ambury How do stomata work
Sheffield FS Richard Louden How does the colonisation of roots by mycorrhizal
fungi suppress infection by root parasitic weeds –
a role for strigolactones
Leeds IBB Amanda McDonnell Production and properties of composite quantum
dots for solar energy and photonics applications
Leeds IBB Janice Robottom Development of split enzyme amplification systems for
electronic label-free biosensors
Leeds IBB Christopher Rowley Construction, evolution, characterization and
optimization of novel enzymes discovered through
high-throughput mRNA display
York IBB Nicola Oates Mining composting communities for new
lignocelluloses mobilising enzymes
York IBB Rebecca Gregory The key to a biofuel future: unravelling the
mechanism of GH61
Sheffield IBB James Morby Organisation and spectroscopic properties of
native and nanofabricated arrays of
photosynthetic complexes
Leeds WCB Jessica Haigh Designing and shaping chemical tools to target
motor neurones for experimental andtherapeutic outcomes
Leeds WCB Robert Schiffrin Role of Molecular Chaperones and the Bam
Leeds WCB Gabriele Stakaityte Novel mechanisms to inhibit virus replication by
targetting mRNA export pathways
Leeds WCB Michael Wilson Extreme muscle: a biophysical approach to
explore and understand muscle proteins from
extreme environments
York WCB Gina Allison Mechanisms of assembly and disassembly of the
cyotskeletal protein ParF
York WCB Nathan Garnham Identifying signalling responses governing synapse
growth and function in aging neurons: defining
responses to different cellular sources of oxidative
Sheffield WCB Katie Denby Systems understanding of anaerobic respiration in
Escherichia coli
Sheffield WCB Iliyana Kaneva Kinase targets in the Human Fungal pathogen
Candida albicans
Sheffield WCB Ryan Hartwell Modelling axial polarity in the developing zebrafish
York n/a Keir Bailey Acylation of Natural Products Derived from Biorefining
York n/a Rebecca Stafford Molecular diagnostics to counteract herbicide
resistance in wild grasses