North-East Postgraduate Conference (NEPG) Free to Register and Present!

Hello all!

An exciting opportunity is available to all White Rose students interested in medical, bioscience and related STEM fields. The North-East Postgraduate Conference (NEPG), hosted online, is a free to attend conference in which you can present, listen to some keynote speakers, and take part in workshops. The event runs this year from 11th to 12th November 2021 with the theme being Empower, Connect, Innovate.

If you are interested in gaining some useful conference skills or would just like to network feel free to register at submit an abstract submission by the 3rd September 2021 at (

Good luck if you submit!

UKRI Artificial Intelligence Survey!

Hello all,

The UKRI is looking for input as to how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in biosciences to help them identify future hurdles associated with AI roll out.

The survey is currently live with it closing on 22nd September 2021 more information along with how to complete the survey is in the link below. So if you want to help direct how AI is used in biosciences in the future fill in the survey!

Another award for a White Rose student!

MonoGram logo taken from the site

Cara Wheeldon of The University of Leeds has won the 2021 Monogram Early Career Excellence Award (MECEA)! Her work on barley, pea, and Arabidopsis plant sensing genes could potentially increase our growing understanding of how plant roots interact with each other and their environment. Identifying and understanding these genetic functions could potentially improve crop health and productivity. Obviously both Cara Wheeldon and the potential of her research greatly impressed the Monogram and Rank Prize Fund’s. As part of the DTP she has done us proud and we hope to continue to see her and others succeed!

Cara Wheeldon White Rose profile photo

Cara’s Profile:

White Rose’s Mycrobio Team Wins at YES20 Competition

YES20 Competitions Header

Some good news from the DTP! the team Mycrobio funded by the White Rose DTP won the prize for “Best IP strategy” sponsored by Potter Clarkson at the YES20 competition. After a long delay due to COVID the competition finally took place on April 23rd, with the team submitting an IP strategy to use microbiome sequencing to create bespoke skincare products with the aim of restoring and maintaining a healthy skin microbiome.

The team consisted of a group of students comprising all our partner institutions including the Universities of Sheffield, York, and Leeds. This group has been a great example of the benefits of inter cohort participation!

Mycrobio YES20 submission cover photo

And without further adieu the particpating members were

  • Alice Seleiro “Team Leader” (Sheffield)
  • Orlagh Anderson (York)
  • Laurence De Lussy-Kubisa (Sheffield)
  • Maia Harvey (Leeds)
  • Jack Wright (Leeds)

Great job to all those above and hopefully we can do some more articles on you all again soon!

Your New News Editor!

Hello All!

@Derek Bell image BBSRC White Rose

You will have to excuse my excessive use of exclamation marks as it is difficult to make this sort of news interesting to read!

My name is Derek Bell and I have taken over the responsibility of curating the news section of the BBSRC White Rose Website. I will be updating the news website as and when I receive relevant information from Catherine Liddle (DTP Co-ordinator) and also the student reps. Though important to note is that Catherine will still be sending vital/time sensitive information to all students via email.

I’m merely a PhD student like the rest of you so if there is radio silence it may be I am swamped with work, but I’ll try my best to keep you all appraised of up to date news.

All the best and good luck to you!

Your news editor,

Derek Bell

DTP Symposium 2021 – Save the Date

BBSRC White Rose Logo

The dates for the 2021 Symposium are:

Mon 13th December 2021

Tue 14th December 2021

The current plan for the symposium (assuming some loosening in COVID restrictions) is to hold a hybrid symposium with some content being on-line and the rest of the event being in person.

Image from the 2019 BBSRC White Rose Symposium

The student reps and Catherine are working on the logistics of the event, and will take into account any changes in the COVID restrictions that may arise in the time up until the date. so more information may be slow in coming.

For now please make note of the event! as you may be expected to attend in person!